Video Marketing

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Being a marketing major, I get told almost every day that video is the new, hot item. Video blog posts, video marketing, but always video. Incorporate it into everything, websites, ad campaigns, product demos, etc. But every so often I get to wondering just how relevant video is to the every day person trying to promote themselves. At first glance …

cell phones

Mobile Marketing – more relevant than ever

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15 years ago, if you had told marketing professionals that they would be using cellphones to market directly to customers, with detailed differences by location and demographic use, with direct response capability, you might have been laughed out of the room. However today, we know that it happens all the time. Many people spend more time on their mobile phones …

Marketing Terminology for Thought

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I really like language; I am a word-geek! But my personal interests aside, there are all sorts of words and phrases that come up in marketing terminology with new or ever-evolving definitions. I find it is frustrating when I come across something new or confusing, and then find an inadequate explanation or definition. What’s worse is when I find a …

Business Cards: More than Just Your Contact Card

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Whether you call them business cards, calling cards, or contact cards, these little pieces of tree pulp give your acquaintances something to remember you by. So, if remembering is the point, shouldn’t you make it a good memory? Often used only to transport email addresses and point-of-contact names, business cards can be a bit on the boring side. Even when …

color talks

Matters of Color: How color affects your marketing message.

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Color matters; daring red lips sell makeup, cool blue water and orange sunsets sell vacations. The colors you choose for your marketing endeavors should reflect not only your company colors, but also the emotions you want to evoke from your customers. Picking a color pallet that is appropriate can make or break the experience. While interpretation is largely cultural, here …

stand out

Stand Out and Show It Off

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All companies strive to provide something that their customers want and need, but they need to stand out among other businesses offering substitutes and alternatives. Your unique selling proposition (USP) is what makes your business thrive, but how often have you (or your customers) thought about it since you first wrote your business plan?   Whether it’s your outstanding customer service, inovative …