Pie Day

Pi, delicious pi!

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Happy Pi Day! That’s right, today, March 14th (3.14), is Pi day! What is Pi day you ask? Its a day we celebrate the number Pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. There is a website dedicated to it you can find here if you’d like more information. I just wanted to share a little …

Stop SOPA/PIPA: Don’t let Your government censor your freedom of speech!

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The short answer is that these two proposals are, in my opinion, a horrible idea. Yes, we need to stand up for intellectual property rights, but stopping piracy should not come at the cost of our liberty and freedom of speech. Along with many other, much larger and more significant sites, my main website will be blacked out for Wednesday, …

Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011

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Steve Jobs died today. Apple founder and CEO for many years, he was one of the most influential business legends of our time. Thanks to his leadership, Apple Inc is a name nearly everyone recognizes, and their products have become symbolic of an affluent, chic lifestyle. His choices, good and bad, have shaped an entire industry spanning several decades, and …