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Small Business Institute National Award Winner: That’s the Ticket (Marketing Report for Entertainment Event Retailer)

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Our group won our first choice and worked with a sporting and entertainment event ticket reseller, who had both an online and local retail presence. After our initial consultation meeting where we determined what his desired outcomes were, we drafted an engagement letter that outlined the areas we thought would be most useful for him and got started on our research and analysis. At the end of our semester long project, we were able to deliver a comprehensive client presentation and written marketing consultation report to the client.

Success with Key

Advance Consulting, Inc. Sales Process Report

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A professional consulting firm specializing in seminars, training, and workshops that will
increase productivity, provide effective conflict management and reduce costs. Our professional seminars will be a positive tool in effectively increasing an organization’s competitive advantage while simultaneously improving overall work environment and working
relationships. We guarantee enrichment within an organization after completion of our seminars. Results of our seminars included an increase in better communication practices, teamwork, motivation, and morale between management and employees.

Victoria's Secret Marketing Plan

Victoria Secret Market Segment Development Plan

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Victoria’s Secret has lost connecting with some of its core audience consisting of middle – aged women who feel alienated by current advertising campaigns geared towards men
and young girls. Our main goal was to increase revenue, and reinforce brand loyalty
within the core market. We planned to do this by bringing VS’s original consumer market back into the stores. By taking better care of the core market we will give them a reason to return to Victoria’s Secret.

Hershey Market Analysis

Hershey’s Chocolate Bar Market and Competitor Analysis

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The focus of this research was to conclude the most efficient use of media vehicles to deliver effective marketing messages of the Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar to the targeted consumer. Once niche and mass markets were determined, a clear understanding of Hershey’s target
market was presented with obtainable media marketing avenues available.