Services for the Modern Marketing Environment

Low conversion, high bounce rates, and a never ending need for content creation getting you down? Know that you’re getting traffic but not what kind, from where, or how to get them back? Trying to reach a specific audience but don’t know where to find them?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Get back in touch with your marketing goals and let an expert help you get back on course. All you need is a little guidance from your friendly neighborhood marketing services planner. A little can go a long way towards making your marketing dreams a reality, but you have to take the first step.

Marketing Reports

Custom marketing analysis and reports provide you with the information you need to make critical decisions for your company. Make educated choices to improve return on investment and build your business plans on a strong, confident knowledge base.

Long-Term Strategy

Strategy and planning available to help prepare for where your company will be in 10 years and how you want to get there .

Building Over Time

We utilize your company's resources and strengths to enhance your company's strategic advantage.

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Short-Term Strategy

Seasonal plans to help you make the most out of the coming year. Coordinate your marketing efforts into a cohesive vision.

Planning for Tomorrow

Use your customers' buying cycles to amplify your current strategy. Meet your customers at the right moment.

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Email Design

Creative and impactful designs for any kind of email campaign. Get you message accross with style and email templates that can be read on a variety of screen sizes.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy to Use Templates
  • Dynamic Design
  • Effective Conversion

Copy Writing

Often, the most difficult part of email marketing can be generating the copy to effectively convey your message and promote conversions. Let us help you choose the perfect words!

Highlighted Features

  • Keywords
  • Calls to Action
  • Top of Mind Language

Email Strategy

Email Campaign Strategies

Whether it’s testing email variations, targeted emails by marketing segment, or engagement marketing, we find you the best solutions for your specific needs and customers.

Highlighted Features

  • A/B Testing
  • Targeted Messages
  • Drip Nurture Campaigns
Follow your passion. Let us help you share it.

Event Planning

Have an event coming up? Want to make a great first impression?

There is no substitute for a great marketing event. Training events, networking cocktail hours, and product demonstrations don’t keep themselves on point and the work can be overwhelming. The perfect event takes a lot of planning, marketing, and experience. Let us help you create the ideal event for your company.


Advertising and Promotion

Today’s advertising and promotion options are expanding at an astounding rate. Combine the best of traditional marketing with sophisticated digital tools to build a program that works for your unique business. Get your message in front of the right people at the right time and start improving your conversion rate today. Each media platform has special merits, but used in combination, these simple tools can create a multi-channel environment to make your message stand out.


Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!
– PT Barnum

I want to know how will affect my business?

Logos and Graphics


Your company logo is your avatar to the world: the badge your customers see online, on your printed materials, business cards, and products. Use custom graphics to tell your story and communicate your message before they read a single word.


Brand development is about more than just your logo. It’s about your identity: how you choose to greet the world. Bring your company’s message, culture, values, and mission to the world in a consistent, whole package that reflects who you are and how you are making a difference!

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Intelligent Website Design

Whether you are a professional services provider, a brick and mortar store, or an internet retailer, the perfect site is waiting for you and your customers. Let Your Advantage Marketing help you wow your audience with custom designs using popular website publishing platforms, or designed from scratch. We’ll get you up and running with an easy to use website you’ll love.

Marketing Consultancy
Professional Sevices

Professional Financial Services
Personal Services

Marketing Materials

Stunning printed materials give a professional display the polish it deserves, convey a strong message, and leaves your customers something to take with them as a sharable, lasting reminder.

Posters & Presentations

The positive impact of posters on sales displays, storefronts, and at industry events is undeniable. Convey your messages in large format and capture the imagination and attention of your audience.

Fact Sheets & Brochures

Give them all the details they can handle, but do it with panache. The right balance of professional flare can build the emotional connection that moves some customers to conversion.

Business Cards & Contact Cards

Whether you call them business cards, calling cards, or contact cards, these little pieces of tree pulp give your acquaintances something to remember you by. So, if remembering is the point, shouldn’t you make it a good memory?