Video Marketing

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Being a marketing major, I get told almost every day that video is the new, hot item. Video blog posts, video marketing, but always video. Incorporate it into everything, websites, ad campaigns, product demos, etc. But every so often I get to wondering just how relevant video is to the every day person trying to promote themselves. At first glance …

cell phones

Mobile Marketing – more relevant than ever

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15 years ago, if you had told marketing professionals that they would be using cellphones to market directly to customers, with detailed differences by location and demographic use, with direct response capability, you might have been laughed out of the room. However today, we know that it happens all the time. Many people spend more time on their mobile phones …

Big Scary Data

Oh no! It’s Big Data

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Marketing metrics are hard enough to evaluate when it is traditional marketing tactics being discussed, but with today’s collection of big data where companies are compiling information on everything you do from where you click to what you like, it can be an even more daunting task. One important step to consider that was discussed in one of the lectures …

Pie Day

Pi, delicious pi!

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Happy Pi Day! That’s right, today, March 14th (3.14), is Pi day! What is Pi day you ask? Its a day we celebrate the number Pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. There is a website dedicated to it you can find here if you’d like more information. I just wanted to share a little …

In-store advertisement display using soda can packs in the shape of a circle with black tape to make it appear like a basketball.

Interesting In-Store Marketing Display Using Soda Basketball

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Just a quick post tonight. Creative marketing always makes me smile, and a few weeks ago I saw this in-store marketing display at a grocery retailer in my area. It really caught my eye. I liked their use of product placement plus a little tape to get the sports image across and convey the message quickly and effectively. To me, without …


Product Packaging Oops!

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First impressions are important! Especially so in the business and marketing realms. All too often you only get one chance to make or break the deal, even on inexpensive items. For physical goods in a B2C environment, the first contact with the product relies heavily on product packaging; it has to get their attention and make the conversion. However, sometimes …

Wow Computer

5 Things to Remember When Designing a Professional Website

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Lots of work goes into designing a website and some people make a living doing just that. Alternately, many people now use personal publishing software to design their own websites. Here are a few themes to remember when designing or redesigning yours. Please keep in mind that each of these elements is important to the design of a website, but …

Marketing Terminology for Thought

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I really like language; I am a word-geek! But my personal interests aside, there are all sorts of words and phrases that come up in marketing terminology with new or ever-evolving definitions. I find it is frustrating when I come across something new or confusing, and then find an inadequate explanation or definition. What’s worse is when I find a …